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PCB Experts

PCB Manfucturer and Supplier

We can provide all kinds of PCBs - PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS- made in the USA, South Korea, or China, according to the customer's needs.

Our select strategic partners, PCB manufacturing companies in the USA, South Korea, and China, are capable of offering quick turnaround times, including 24-hour service, as well as mass production.

We offer MADE IN U.S.A. BOARDS, ITAR compliance, MIL SPECS, POLYAMIDE, ROGERS, ISOLA, RIGID FLEX, SPECIAL MATERIAL BOARDS, with the latest technology manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery.

For price-sensitive PCBs, we can source them from our carefully chosen, high-quality vendors in South Korea or China, at highly competitive international prices. South Korean vendors excel in accuracy, quality, technological advancements, and speedy delivery. Mass production is our specialty, allowing us to provide substantial cost savings to our valued customers, along with guaranteed on-time delivery.

We supply Single-Sided, Double-Sided, and Multilayer PCBs, with up to 30 layers, as well as Flex, Rigid Flex, PI, Polyamide for downhole tools, Rogers, Tychonic, Isola, Berquist, LED SOLAR & LIGHTING PANELS, HEAT SINK, Teflon, and PCBs made from various materials.

Our PCBs come with Carbon Ink, HASL with TIN+LEAD, and RoHS-compliant options with ENIG, L.F.HASL, TIN, ENIG, ENPIG, and OSPS.

We offer Solder Masks in various colors, including Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Opaque, White, and more, along with Silk Screen options.

Our boards can be single or panelized, up to 24 inches in length, with Rails, Fiducial markers, and Mounting Holes - customized to your preferences.


Additionally, we provide STENCILS and offer CAM SERVICES, PCB LAYOUT SERVICES, and TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS of all kinds.

For your convenience, we offer Prototype ASSEMBLIES and TURNKEY Services as well.