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We provide prototype/small, Turnkey Assemblies also.
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11104 W. Airport Blvd., Ste 230
Stafford, TX 7747

What we do & how can,we help you?

We provide,all the kinds of the PCB.We provide MADE IN U.S.A. PCB,as well as PCB,MADE IN SOUTH KOREA & MADE IN CHINA.We provide the solution,to the PCB Design & Functionality & Connectivity Problem.

How is our Quality,Quality Control,Delivery,Pricing & Customer Care?

We have a handful of very selected vendors, in U.S.A. & Offshore, strictly on the basis of quality and on time guaranteed delivery.  We are working with them for many years. They have a very high standards of Quality and over the years, they have delivered, the most accurate good quality PCB. Also, we examine and Test the Gerber Files, FAB Drawings & PDF & other files, which customer, provides us to make the boards , all the times.

Once the full working Gerber Files & the full working PDF are created ,we send to the customer for the final approval. Once customer review and O.K. the files, to make the boards, then and then only, we make the boards. If we have any question or concern, on PCB DESIGN OR ANY OTHER TECHNICAL CONCERN,REGARDING THE VIABILITY OF THE PCB,WE ASK QUESTION TO OUR CUSTOMER,WITH THE SUGGESSIONS,TO RECTIFY THEM.

Once we receive the boards, from our vendor, we do the visual inspection  and testing & the details of all the specs.

All our PCB are UL CERTIFIED AND have THE UL LOGO, all the times, on all the PCB. We issue  C of C & ELECTRICAL TEST CERTIFICATES.

We have a team of, experienced Experts, who troubleshoots, any kind of PCB problems. Also they respond to the customer's, questions, concerns or suggestions,  immediately.

We solve the problem by offering the suggestion to make the PCB, working to the required functions.

Incase, still the customer, wants to remake the boards, we replace with the new boards, ASAP, no charge, to customer.


We are a small company, as such our entire focus on customer to solve their problem, to make the correct best quality PCB, all the times. Before we start producing the board, we make sure all O.K. to make the PCB. If at all any time, something is not correct, then not to proceed and point out to the customer and if needed provide the solution.TO PROVIDE THE MOST ACCURATE,QUALITY PCB,ON TIME DELIVERY,WITH THE MOST COMPETATIVE,PRICES,ALL THE TIMES.

What kind of the Files, we need to make PCB?

We will work with, all the kinds of the Files-GERBER FILES,RAR FILES,ZIP FILES,PDF FILES,EAGLE FILES,SCHEMETIC FILES, or any other Electronic Files We have all the kinds of Software and the Consultants, to work with them.

How can I pay you?

We offer 30 days. We accept, all the kinds of the Credit Cards.